Amidst an atmosphere reminiscent of a bustling construction site, guests were welcomed into a fully covered space adorned with large white plastic sheets. The ambiance was further enhanced by pulsating techno ambient music, evoking the electrifying energy of a rave departure. Notable front-row attendees, including French rapper Franglish and dancer Yva Landria, alongside TikTok sensation Terriblement M, were greeted with personalized popcorn boxes by their seats.

Infused with a captivating palette of greys, dark oranges, and purples, the FW24 collection reimagines the fundamentals of a contemporary wardrobe. Inspired by the concept of ‘Emergence’, wherein each individual contributes to societal constructs, Riz Poli ingeniously applies this theory to garment construction. Each piece of fabric plays a pivotal role in the creation of the ensemble, symbolizing the interconnectedness of individuals within society.

There is an obsession in both the garment and the system. By deconstructing clothing and examining objects from various perspectives through different arrangements, emergent phenomena and meanings are uncovered.

The collection showcases an array of innovative designs, including double-sleeved jumpers, hooded scarves, and puffered mini skirts, all embodying the brand’s signature blend of artistic flair and functional elegance.

The show takes place within the venue’s interior, covered with see-through bache, encouraging the audience to reconceptualize the relationship among all existing components.