Rituals just introduced their improved skincare collection Clean and Conscious to start the new year with a boost for your face. The products of The Ritual of Namasté line contain ingredients of natural origin and are specially designed to combat the first signs of skin aging.  

Rituals invited Numéro for a calm and educational breakfast, to get to know the revolutionary Namasté line. After a welcoming coffee and some bites, and a small yoga breathing session, the Director of Innovation & Sustainability of Rituals and the skincare-expert Niki Schilling talked about the newest ingredients, textures, fragrances, and refills, with more than 95% being of natural origin. Together with Face Yoga expert Alizé Jalhay, who learned us refreshing tips and tricks, we got to the ins and outs to keep your skin healthy. To start the morning with a peaceful routine like this, I could easily handle the rest of the day. 

The power of bakuchiol

The Ritual of Namasté Glow line is specially designed to combat the first signs of skin aging. The line is made with effective, vegan formulas with more than 97% of ingredients of natural origin. The collection contains Rituals’ iconic Bakuchiol Repair Complex, which fights the first signs of skin aging. The formula is enriched with bakuchiol, a plant-based alternative to retinol, and wild indigo. This minimizes visible, fine lines and boosts skin’s elasticity and glow.  

The iconic Anti-Aging day cream helps revitalize the skin. The wild indigo improves the skin’s elasticity and protects against the negative influences of free radicals. The result is softer, smoother, and younger-looking skin. Results from a panel of 30 participants* show that after 28 days of use, wrinkles are reduced by 33% and skin is up to 25% firmer.  

Natural ingredients 

The Ritual of Namasté collection consists of three more lines: Hydrate, Ageless, and Purify. Developed to the highest standards, the entire collection consists of more than 95%1 of sustainable and natural ingredients. The remaining 5% ensures greater stability and safety of the formula. Every ingredient is ethically or intentionally processed. The packaging is made from recycled materials. Refills are also available for the day and night creams and serums to reduce waste and thus the impact on our planet.