RHUDE presents the second drop of their “New Money” Spring / Summer 2023 Collection.

Debuted at Paris Fashion Week in June 2022, New Money is a collection focused on the details outlined in two narratives, European luxury and Americana prep. Rhuigi Villaseñor created the collection built on fashion forward, wearable pieces that drive home his California upbringing and blending it with today’s modern youth culture. Designed with his influences and audience in mind, Villaseñor creates clothing that both would like to wear.

Drop two features vintage Americana inspired pieces such as ringer and raglan tees, trucker hats, and camp shirts. The knitwear offering harks on common RHUDE themes such as racing motifs and paisley prints. Graphic t-shirts and hoodies emblazoned with palm trees and beaches are a nod to the new American Luxury.