The retrospective exhibition of the Italian artist Giuseppe Penone (1947) is postponed to a later date that is still to be determined. The exhibition was originally planned from 28 November 2020 to 5 April 2021. The decision has been made in close consultation with the artist and is the result of the new measures – announced by the Dutch government on 28 September 2020 – and uncertainties surrounding the corona virus. Due to the postponement, the planned press preview on 26 November 2020 will also not take place."We were delighted to show Giuseppe Penone's work at Voorlinden," explains director Suzanne Swarts. "His work is true poetry and stimulates all our senses. Particularly in the present time of being at a distance, in which our relation with nature is under pressure, we would have loved to show his work. Now that our mobility is limited, we are waiting for the right moment to share his art with a large audience."

Giuseppe Penone and Voorlinden:

For Giuseppe Penone, nature – and trees in particular – is both subject and material. In his sculptures, installations and drawings he uses tree trunks, leaves, marble and leather. With his poetic oeuvre he shows us our intimate connection with nature, and he makes us aware of its creative and transforming cycle and forces. The exhibition includes both early and recent work and stimulates all your senses. Iconic sculptures and immersive art installations alternate with works of a modest and intimate format. Voorlinden has been following Giuseppe's work for a long time. In the 1990s, his bronze sculpture Biforcazione(1991) became part of the Clingenbosch sculpture garden. Giuseppe's work emphasizes and reinforces Voorlinden's relationship between art and nature. Surrounded by his oeuvre you feel closer to nature than ever.