The renewal of the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam was festively celebrated this week after 1.5 years of renovations. The renovation aimed to give the original elements of the monumental building greater prominence, thereby better showcasing the brewer’s rich history. In addition to maintaining the historical brewery, another objective was creating a spacious new entrance hall that welcomes all guests. This eliminates large queues outside its front doors and improves safety along the roadway in front of the entrance.

Bringing people together

“Sharing more of Heineken’s history is crucial to us and is part of everything we do,” says Lieke Westendorp, Director of the Heineken Experience. “We are based in a monumental building that dates back to 1867, the first-built Heineken brewery, with many stories to tell. We want to share them while bringing people together under our roof. Everyone is welcome in the renewed Heineken Experience, and our goal is to connect people here.”

Renewed with an eye for history

The renovation resulted in four completely redesigned spaces; the spacious entrance hall, the Heineken® Flagship Store with associated space dedicated to personalized products, the Rooftop Bar and the rooftop terrace. “An important focus of the renovation was to highlight more of the building’s original features”, says Celine Vleer, Development & Innovation Manager of the Heineken Experience. “Therefore, you can now admire the brew kettles or see the original gable stone at the entrance. The new Rooftop Bar also reveals original details previously hidden, such as the distribution machine in the ceiling. Furthermore, from the new roof terrace, visitors can enjoy one of Amsterdam’s most breathtaking views.”

Safety and sustainability

Over the past years, the popularity of the Heineken Experience has increased significantly, resulting in long queues outside its doors on the Stadhouderskade in Amsterdam. The new entrance area features a spacious entrance hall, which welcomes all guests inside the building instead, thereby improving safety on the roadway in front of the entrance. In addition, the whole renovation was executed with sustainability in mind. For example, sustainable materials were used, LED lighting was installed, and a climate-friendly green roof contributes to clean and healthy air and promotes biodiversity.

About the Heineken Experience 
The Heineken Experience is an immersive brand experience within Heineken’s former brewery. The historic building serves as a venue where guests can learn all about our Heineken heritage, the brewing process, the innovations and sponsorships, and the best way to taste and enjoy a Heineken® beer. The Heineken Experience is located at the Stadhouderskade 78 in Amsterdam and is open to visitors 365 days per year.