Reflex Amsterdam is honoured to open its second space Reflex, the Residencewith a sculpture by KAWS 'Along the Way'. The gallery's second location in Amsterdam is conceived as a multifunctional space to promote the creation, research, and contemplation of art, and is a one-of-a-kind endeavour in the Dutch gallery landscape. The gallery sketches its new venue as a space to expand the current activities of the gallery, a place of creation and experiment, a house of art. 

Formally a residential home, the space has been repurposed to suit a range of needs. Outfitted with a high ceiling that supersedes two stories, it allows for a breathtaking spatial experience of three-dimensional art and large-scale paintings in a residential setting, making it a natural location for the gallery's private showroom away from its white cube gallery space at Weteringschans 79 A. Outside Reflex's running programme of exhibitions there, other primary and secondary market treasures can be viewed upon request at the new location. The new space will also be used to exhibit more experimental shows that blur the lines between artistic disciplines.

Part studio, part residential space, the gallery will issue invitations to artists from its programme to spend short periods in the space and collaborate on the gallery's related projects or exhibitions. Located in the middle of the city's bustling center and beautiful canals, the space offers the chance to experience Amsterdam life in its most energetic form.

Far from just nurturing the individual creative mind, the new space puts forward a place to foster a creative community. The multi-functional space will be open to like-minded creatives from different fields to come together, discuss art, share their inspirations, develop new ideas, and find out more about collaborative possibilities within the gallery's activities.

In combining the homely residence with the experience-centric showroom and the passion-driven studio, the library for quiet contemplation with the lively community for the exchange of ideas, the space becomes a place where inspiration, experiment, and innovation meet to build a house of art.

Alex Daniëls: "We are very honoured to open this space with a sculpture by KAWS. A larger version has been acquired by the Brooklyn Museum in New York where it is on permanent view, as well as a large version was exhibited in front of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam in 2014. We are excited to inaugurate the new space with this beautiful sculpture."

Reflex, the Residence

Lijnbaansgracht 290 hs

1017 RM Amsterdam

Photo credits:

Artwork: © KAWS – Along the Way, on view at Reflex, the Residence, Amsterdam – Edition of 3, Afrormosia wood, 245 x 195.5 x 135.3 cm – Photography by Petra and Erik Hesmerg