In the ‘Wax on you’ music video directed by Ataka 51, sitting on a bathtub, completely hammered, is Reeve. As the door to her universe opens for the very first time. It’s enigmatic, almost impenetrable, yet inquiring. Is she crying? Melting? Is it acid? Is it her? Or is it us, comfortably seated behind our screens, completely tripping?

With her heated and crystalline voice, singer-songwriter Reeve., takes us on a journey with very few clues into a parallel reality, a liminal universe that surpasses what we’re capable of perceiving. Is Reeve. a witness? Or a mediator? A versatile artist deeply involved in every aspect of her music, from writing, to the production and recording process, to the mixing, she, along with Yodelice and Sam Tiba, imagine the electro-pop melody carrying this narrative. “It wasn’t torture I just showed you / Who you really are,”. A tale of assertion and repossession, this first track of a three-song EP delves into places much deeper than your conscience. Inviting you to contemplate her in the most neutral way.

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