Nature and the city. A new sense of escapism emerges. A liberating desire of freedom takes center stage. As the frantic rhythm of the city slows down, Mother Nature reclaims its space. The quotidian life merges with the dream and nature ties the knot with beauty in the Red Valentino Spring 2021 collection. The Roman fashion house taps German artist Timo Helgert, known for his escapist virtual installations, to photograph the collection against digitally created backdrops fusing the urban landscape with the natural environment.

If the scenario evolves, the quintessential spirit of the RED Valentino remains the same: feminine yet audacious, elegant yet rebellious. The brand’s eclectic girls mix the high and the low. Their street attitude nds a balance with their spontaneous gentle sophistication. Dresses and separates, injected with delicate romanticism, are matched with urban outerwear pieces. Sweet embroideries of archival lilies of the valley pop up on both deconstructed faille frocks enriched with oversized bows and sleek skirt suits, as well as functional windbreakers. Jacquard trench coats, cocoon capes and knitted cardigans with an artisanal feel are punctuated by ribbons. Timeless gingham patterns are decorated with blooming owers on frocks cut in bold silhouettes, while the lightweight point d’esprit tulle skirts are worn with practical quilted outwear styles. Suggestive patterns of landscapes with an Oriental feel add an intriguing twist to uid dresses and oversized pajama sets with a relaxed edge. Denim gets a special treatment with Japanese pottery-inspired prints. In keeping with the eclectic spirit of the ready-to-wear lineup, the bag collection is a mix of functionality, urban and sporty touches, as well as feminine, romantic vibes.
New styles include the “Knot Me Up!,” a nylon crossbody style decorated with a maxi knot; the “Minimaxi Chain” and “Minimaxi Scoubi,” showing a macro chain and a scooby doo knot handle; the “Rebel Bow” range, featuring a a clutch, a micro pouch and a hand bag showing soft maxi bows. The look is completed by versatile footwear styles, spanning from urban cool combat boots and sneakers with chunky soles to elegant kitten heel sandals.