Cartier and its global entrepreneur community RED CLUB x Cartier are launching the 2023 edition of the Young Leader Award recognizing socially impactful initiatives.

Initiated in 2022, the Young Leader Award has been developed as an annual international entrepreneur’s prize, open to emerging social entrepreneurs, aged from 20 to 40 years old, running impact driven businesses or non-for-profit organisations, as founder or owner and in which they are holding an executive position.

Applications for the 2023 Young Leader Award edition will be collected from October 18, 2022, to January 31, 2023, on the following online application form:

By exploring the theme of « Bettering lives », the 2023 edition will shed the light on young entrepreneurial endeavors that provide more accessible, inclusive and effective healthcare solutions for under-represented communities. “It is both Cartier’s responsibility and privilege to support and amplify the efforts of the young social entrepreneurs, who serve as catalysts for change. This young generation of impact entrepreneurs truly inspires us”, says Cyrille Vigneron, President & CEO of Cartier International

The top four applicants to the 2023 Young Leader Award will be announced in April 2023, and the final award recipient will be revealed during the Young Leader Award Ceremony in New York in June 2023. The winner will take home 50’000€ in grant, while the 3 remaining runners will each receive 10’000€. The 2023 Young Leader Award recipient will also benefit from international exposure, media visibility as well as a tailor-made mentorship programme provided by the Young Leader Award academic partners, Georgetown University and Howard University, and ad-hoc coaching and mentoring sessions by RED CLUB x Cartier networks.

Established by Cartier in 2019, RED CLUB x Cartier supports audacious entrepreneurs across the globe that have a positive impact on society through their businesses. It encourages these entrepreneurs to connect and mutually share their experience and advice regarding funding, starting, developing, and growing a business.

The community initially launched in Paris, Milan and London, has extended to Moscow and Tokyo in 2021 and then to Sydney, Barcelona, Singapore, Dubai, Taipei and North America in 2022, where RED CLUB x Cartier welcomes active circles of engaged members from a broad range of industries.