Amsterdam, November 9 – Tonight, Jonna Fraser and Kevin faced off in the Red Bull SoundClash 2023, an event where Red Bull brought together two of the most celebrated hip-hop icons in the Netherlands. The Gashouder in Amsterdam was packed to the brim, with over 2500 enthusiastic attendees witnessing this magical event. Jonna Fraser emerged victorious, with the thunderous applause of the audience as proof. While Kevin premiered his new #1 hit for the first time, it was a celebration of the thriving Dutch hip-hop scene.

Hosted by none other than Défano Holwijn, Red Bull SoundClash 2023 was a tribute to creativity and musical collaborations. The audience, surrounded by two stages in the center of the Gashouder, witnessed the artists shining alongside their talented bands in four unique rounds. Jonna Fraser and Kevin were challenged to showcase their versatility and artistic depth.

The rounds included:

1. The Cover: Jonna Fraser and Kevin surprised with their unique interpretation of the legendary track “Slapeloze Nachten” by The Opposites, a big surprise for the audience as The Opposites were present.

2. The Take Over: The artists shared the stage in this round, delivering a masterful performance of their own songs, seamlessly taking over each other’s tracks, resulting in a seamless and exciting fusion of their styles.

3. The Remake: Jonna Fraser and Kevin displayed their creative mastery by reinventing their own hits. Among the transformed tracks was “Laat Niet Los,” an impressive showcase of musical innovation by Jonna Fraser, with a striking 80s style. Kevin, in turn, revamped “De Leven” and “Praat Met Mij,” incorporating elements of 2-step, bachata, and orchestral arrangements.

4. The Wild Card: In the final round, the stage came even more alive with special guest performances. Alongside Kevin, Yade Lauren and Lil Kleine performed “Beetje Moe” and “Als Ik Je Niet Zie.” Jonna Fraser also invited KM, Dopebwoy, and last year’s winner, Frenna, to perform together, playing joint hits like “Louboutin” and “My Love.” The stage radiated an abundance of energy, community spirit, and craftsmanship, and the audience relished every moment.

The event was characterized by an atmosphere of sportsmanship between Jonna Fraser and Kevin, reflected in their musical performances and interactions with each other and the audience. Red Bull SoundClash 2023 was not just a competition but a celebration of the rich and diverse Dutch hip-hop scene, where artists challenged each other in good spirits.

After the fourth and final round, amidst loud applause from the audience, Jonna Fraser was crowned the winner of Red Bull SoundClash 2023. The evening concluded with an exciting moment where the audience enthusiastically voiced their support for Jonna or Kevin. The decibel meter surprisingly indicated the winner with just a one-decibel difference. Host Défano Holwijn announced the victory, met with loud cheers from Jonna’s team and the stage filled with guest artists and friends of Jonna. Jonna smiled as he proudly put on his victory belt.

The successful evening bore witness to weeks of dedication and thorough preparation by both artists, resulting in an unforgettable musical experience that captured the hearts of the audience. For those who missed the spectacle, there’s good news: the livestream of the event is available for viewing until Friday, November 10, 20:00.

It was a nostalgic moment when Frenna joined Jonna Fraser on stage to celebrate his victory, as Frenna had won Red Bull SoundClash the previous year, succeeding the hitmaker Ronnie Flex.

[View the livestream here: Red Bull SoundClash – 2023]