The Madrid-born singer presents his twelfth album, “Casanova,” consolidating himself as an artist with a unique and identifiable sound. His new single “Pa no volver” closes the album.

“This song is like a farewell, the closure of a story. It refers to that love that ends and to the rose that dies because in the end there is only one place from which you don’t return. But not all farewells have to be sad, “since, although there is a certain melancholy, there is hope in the song as it goes back at the end to “150 Canciones” (the first song on the album), closing the cycle that gives meaning to Casanova”.

This is how Recycled J presents “Pa no Volver,” the latest sneak peek of his new and long- awaited album that will be released next Friday, June 2. A song in which the Madrid-based artist talks about those lost loves that won’t be back, nor should they, and the pain they cause. Giving shape to a story of melancholy and hope at the same time narrated on an urban instrumental, belonging to the most pop part of this album.

Because “Casanova,” as Recycled himself describes, “musically has two parts; one closer to pop, more focused on my last stage and aimed at the general public, and another more urban and experimental where I connect with my old rap sound but trying different styles.” An evolution that also represents the emotional development of Recycled throughout the LP, in which he goes through different states of mind and reflects on the stages and process of heartbreak.

In addition, for this new album Recycled has chosen the rose as the representative symbol of this Casanova. A beautiful, inspiring flower, which at the same time causes damage due to its thorns, like love itself. Let’s not forget that Recycled J is one of the most heartfelt and romantic artists on the urban scene, with a unique sensibility (which he combines with a street spirit).

El Hijo de la Ruina (the music group he’s part of together with Natos and Waor) returns through the front door, with a 12-track album in which he opens his heart, with his wounds, with his defects and virtues, but always with a victorious message in the background. His voice, which transcends beyond rap to dominate other genres, brings us increasingly mature and developed stories. Resulting in this “Casanova”, an album with a dual concept and full of contrasts, sincere and authentic, with which Recycled J reinforces its position as an authority in the Spanish urban scene.

Photo: Edu Madkidmontes
Styling: Ana Sotillo
MUAH: Lucas Margarit