Nxt Museum is launching a new seasonally rotating exhibition in its biggest space called “Realtime,” which features three artists who use boundary-breaking technologies. Realtime brings together artists, curators, scholars, and the public to explore big, open questions about the future through immersive digital art. The exhibition will open on May 15, 2023, with Realtime 1- “Lilypads: Mediating Exponential Systems.”

Each Realtime exhibition will present a selection of three digital artworks that explore up-to-the-minute research, pioneering experiments, and the social impact of future technologies. The first Realtime exhibition, “Lilypads: Mediating Exponential Systems,” will feature the work of three artists: Amelia Winger-Bearskin, Libby Heaney, and Entangled Others with Robert M. Thomas.

Decohering delineation by Entangled Others Studio
Q is for Climate by Libby Heaney
MIDNIGHT TO BODY Dream realm by Amelia Winger Bearskin

While each Realtime exhibition is presented as a large-scale projection, it is intended as a living, evolving body of knowledge. This new initiative was built in response to the ideas of the “web3” movement (the latest generation of the internet), with a particular focus on how art and artists are revealing new channels for decentralizing power, expressing value, and engaging collective imagination as a problem-solving tool.

Nxt Museum’s role is to facilitate critical and curious approaches to emerging ideas and practices, and Realtime extends this mission. The art installations on show will visualize the context in which today’s makers ignite tomorrow’s art movements. Each new Realtime exhibition will be curated by an arts curator and an academic. For the first show, Jesse Damiani is the Curator-in-Residence, and Charlotte Kent is the Scholar-in-Residence, responsible for establishing and leading the research and conceptual development of the exhibition.

From top left to right, clockwise, the featured artworks include “Decohering Delineation” by Entangled Others Studio (still 2), “Q is for Climate” by Libby Heaney at Nxt Museum, and “MIDNIGHT&TOBODY Dream Realm” by Amelia Winger-Bearskin.