The WECANDANCE festival finally arrives! For more than a decade, this festival has been a pioneer in finding new ways to experience music in a creative and engaging way. To keep that essence alive for their 11th edition, newly appointed creative director Dennis Vanderbroeck and the whole festival team went through the process of rethinking the concept of themes, with an intriguing sentence guiding their creation: “Drop in the Light, Rise in the Dark”. Following this thread, four alter-egos emerged to be the beacons of this edition: “Drop”, “Light”, “Rise” and “Dark”. As simple as that. For every individual to express their authenticity and speak their truth, it was essential to find a theme that encourages duality and intersectionality. As nothing is only black or white, the WECANDANCE team wants every shade to be showcased on the Zeebrugge beach this summer. Whether you feel cool and casual, dazzling and fabulous or edgy and mysterious, choose your fighter and bring your best looks to the dancefloor.

So? Ready to grab your friends and put on your fiercest fits to dance from sunrise to sunset on 3-4 and 10-11 August? And if you are still unsure about what to wear, don’t panic, we got just what you need!. 

DROP: Drop represents a casual coolness that doesn’t feel the need to be the loudest in the room. The outfits mirror the  effortless chic of “I just took it out of the rack” effect. 

LIGHT: Light is that one friend we all have that everybody falls in love with at first sight. It is the embodiment of flowing lines and sheer fabrics, as if playfulness was an outfit. 

RISE: Rise is your inner rockstar unleashed for the night, with dazzling skin-showing outfits to turn heads. It is a call for liberation and boldness, to be unapologetically yourself.  

DARK: Embrace your inner shadows by adopting the DARK look, where sharp lines meet dark hues. It is that side of you that nobody saw before, dancing all night long, channelling the devil inside you (and you love it). 

Join the WECANDANCE festival on 3-4 & 10-11 August 2024: Official website & ticketshop

For more inspiration take a look at the festival official Pinterest board.