Raxxy’s designer, William Shen has presented its new Couture collection in Paris through an installation that attracts numerous visitors to capture memories.

When entering the Cultural Center of China, the guests discovered an exhibition mixing the craftmanship of fashion and art. Inheriting traditional Chinese culture, Raxxy is combining art and innovative knowledge.

This modern and geometrical expression is deeply inspired by Chinese culture. The puffer garments are worked around the soaring spirit of China and its National Day celebration; fireworks and majestic dragons ascend and dance together, blending into a traditional color palette. The use of warm and pastel colors such as lotus pink, sky and gemstone blue, and autumn fragrance yellow merges with the cold and oriental spirit beneath the stark Chinese winter. Raxxy holds an exclusive patent for its 3D transformation process, leading to rich inspiration. It weaves together romantic and sensuous expressions, deconstructing the conventional silhouette of puffer jackets to introduce a new concept of “sequential fashion”. It reflects the relationship between the brand’s core and the free-spirited lifestyle of contemporary youth