Words by Demet Kamburoglu

Rave Review, a Stockholm-based fashion brand at the intersection of sustainability and avant-garde design, debuted its Fall 2024 Collection titled Hauntology. The brand imagines the impressive collection as a nod to personal experiences, recalling days of teenage curiosity.

The collection draws inspiration from Mark Fisher’s famous concept of hauntology and brings us back to the moments lost in our grandma’s wardrobe. Successfully blending the old with the bright new, Rave Review welcomes fashion enthusiasts to a runway of ‘preppy gone wrong.’

Beyond the nostalgia, the season plays with the trendy Y2K aesthetics, bringing the 2000s to the old-fashioned generics. In other words, the collection steps out as a young reconstruction of the timeless classy. Where the Gen Z meets the Boomer, the chaotic glam meets mom’s fancy pieces.

Inspired by the desire to repurpose the lost potentials of the past, the conventional looks blend into the unexpected turns of deconstruction. The asymmetric cuts, panels and patches give life to the bygone pieces. Strikingly, Rave Review brings the new campus-cool onto the runway standard.

Creative Direction Rave Review
Styling Vittoria Cerciello
Production UNCND
Casting Emma Matell
Set Design Viola Vitali
Music Rhys Edwards
Make-Up Zenia Jaeger for Submission Beauty
Hair Rachel Lee for Mr. Smith
PR Reference Studios
Main Sponsors HAPPY SOCKS LAB & Rudholm Group Share Labels