The RAPTUR team, consisting of Brandon Kieviet, Hamza Benhaddou, and Mats Hofman, is ecstatic to unveil their new techno event series to the world.

With an uncompromising commitment to authenticity and innovation, RAPTUR promises to bring a more raw and radical take on techno to Amsterdam.

RAPTUR is dedicated to creating an experience that transcends genres and defies convention. Their sound starts with hard-groove, 90’s-inspired percussion-driven techno, which expands into other genres in the harder spectrum of techno, while retaining what they value most – quality.

The first edition of RAPTUR will take place at the H7 Warehouse on May 26, and will feature an impressive lineup of Voxnox artists such as Lucinee, DLV, and CLTX, as well as Illiya Korniyenko and Jan Vercauteren. The night will culminate in a dynamic b2b performance by CLTX and Jan Vercauteren during closing time, a never-before-seen act in the Netherlands.

photographies by Brandon Kieviet

At the heart of RAPTUR’s vision is a belief that music should be a unifying force that brings together people from different backgrounds and cultures. Brandon and Hamza, the founders of RAPTUR, envision a world where everyone can experience the joy of techno without any barriers. They strive to create an environment where people can come together and enjoy the music, regardless of their age, race, gender, or sexual orientation.

In addition to the event series, RAPTUR has also launched a podcast system on Soundcloud, where they will showcase upcoming talents who deserve more recognition. The first podcast features their talented upcoming friend SEMMUS.

Stay tuned for a night of radical techno, unbridled creativity, and unapologetic self-expression.

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