Following two successful editions at the H7 Warehouse in 2022, RAPTUR is now gearing up for its third edition on February 10, 2023. This time, the event brings its sound to the intimate setting of Levenslang.

The third edition of RAPTUR presents a exciting lineup for techno enthusiasts featuring In Verruf, Lucinee, Parallx, SEMMUS B2B Vera Grace—a collective powerhouse resonating with the authentic sound that defines RAPTUR’s identity.

The collective introduces a new chapter, in a unique venue set in the old Bijlmerbajes prison turned Levenslang venue.

Photos: Vicky Pozzobon
Poster: Brandon Kieviet

RAPTUR has always stood for something deeper than mere entertainment—it’s a sanctuary for those seeking refuge in the purity of music. The absence of cameras and the emphasis on authenticity foster an atmosphere where attendees can immerse themselves wholly in the experience.

Expanding its platform, RAPTUR amplifies its resonance through their podcast series on SoundCloud. Audiences can anticipate more sets featuring artists such as Achat, DRA MÄ, Impulsive Behaviour, Lucinee, Dan Berg, and many more to come, promising a deeper dive into the sound that RAPTUR embodies.

As anticipation swells for RAPTUR #3, whispers of forthcoming projects in 2024 tease an exciting future. But for now, all eyes and ears are set on February 10.

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