For Spring–Summer 2024, Rains re-examines water and reflects the confidence of a wardrobe that embraces it. The ‘Drenched’ collection proposes textile innovation paired with contemporary Scandinavian design to create clothing that’s at once spirited, functional, and rooted in rainfall.

“Contrast is a central tool in the journey of Rains. This season, space was created to consider the unexplored in our own waterproof DNA,” explains Co-founder, Philip Lotko.

Far from the sight of water, the audience is immersed in a sound bath; echoing drips, rippling splashes, pouring water. Resonant piano notes strike, marking the start of the show; soundtracked by Danish Composer, Frederik Valentin. His dreamy, ethereal composition evokes rainfall.

The opening look captivates attention; an ode to Rains’ signature rainwear silhouettes. Models file in behind, entering the dry showspace as if caught in a downpour outside, their hair saturated, their skin decorated with surreal raindrops. The space itself is focused, centered; all attention is fixed on the energy of the runway.

Spring–Summer 2024 Collection:

“Rains was born out of the rain,” says Tanne Vinter, Rains Head of Design. This link underscores the Spring–Summer 2024 ‘Drenched’ collection and the visual language woven throughout. 

A retrospective study of the classic rain jacket sparked the genesis of the first collection chapter. As the first hooded models make their way through the crowd, familiarity feels both novel and elevated. Garments evolve to become fringed with languid strings that give the illusion of rain in freefall.

Innovative treatments and techniques transform Rains’ signature waterproof fabrics with finishes that feel liquid to the touch. Others seemingly soaked in water; puckered, crinkled, gathered. A closer look at accessories reveals elemental design details like extended straps jet streaming from buckles downward, enhancing a sense of vertical movement. “Styling is contemporary yet rooted; assuring both possibility and promise in the conventions of rainwear,” says Vinter.

For its Spring–Summer 2024 ‘Drenched’ collection at Paris Fashion Week, the visual language of Rains is underpinned by evocative makeup artistry and hair styling. Led by the directive of the House, and interpreted by skilled collaborators Gary Gill and Min Kim, respectively of Streeters.

Hair is illusioned through heavy, soaked tresses nearly dripping as they frame faces across the cast. Gill’s direction offers a novel take on the signature runway ‘wet’ look, weaving dark optimism into Rains water infused universe.

Makeup Artist Min Kim harmonizes with Gill’s hair, through the addition of surreal raindrops placed across skin. Each bead emulating a timestamp of water’s grip onto skin. Artistic evolution sees their form and repetition take on a conceptual finish, meticulously placed by Kim and her team.


published by Nadia ten Hove