Rains and 3D-printing leader – Zellerfeld – have announced the global launch of their collaborative – Puffer Sneaker – which was initially debuted during Rains AW23 in Paris.

The Puffer Sneaker is a first of its kind with the boot boasting an organic shape and  sculptural appearance, whilst featuring the newly introduced and innovative printed puffer element on the instep which is reminiscent of the iconic Rains’ design language.

Zellerfeld’s 3D-printing technology has made it possible to create puffer elements for footwear that consist of 90% air within their printed structures. This is a remarkable technological achievement that eliminates the need for any physical labor in the production process. As a result, a new dimension of printed footwear has emerged, with puffer elements that offer significant benefits in terms of comfort, durability, and design.

The launch of the Puffer Sneaker marks a significant milestone and represents a groundbreaking collaboration between Rains and Zellerfeld. This partnership reflects the forward-thinking approach of both companies, as Rains demonstrates its commitment to functional design and integrating cutting-edge technologies into its brand, while Zellerfeld establishes itself as the industry leader in fully printed footwear. The Puffer Sneaker launch offers a glimpse into the future of fashion and footwear, where style, innovation, and sustainability are seamlessly integrated.

“Translating our signature puffers into a sneaker is the ultimate manifestation of Rains in a shoe. And for us to have access to the 3D-technology Zellerfeld has developed is a dream scenario for a design team. The realized product is integrated into our PU universe, offering our customers a head-to-toe option that feels signature to the design ethos at Rains – a small piece from the runway with big impact.”

Tanne Vinter, Head of Design, Rains

“The Rains Puffer Sneaker beautifully showcases the superiority of 3D-printed footwear. Not only were we able to produce uniquely oversized and  puffer elements that are traditionally complex to manufacture; we also did it with just one push of a button. At Zellerfeld, our goal is to empower all brands to realize their creative visions through accessible and sustainable footwear printing. Our partnership with Rains is yet another shining example of our mission in action.”

Cornelius Schmitt, CEO and Co-Founder, Zellerfeld

To visit the Rains website click here: https://www.nl.rains.com/