Global platform, R/Hood, known for championing DJ culture and providing opportunities to underrepresented talent, has partnered up with the innovative e-bike brand, Tenways, for an exciting new project. Together the brands delivered the first of its kind, dynamic pop-up DJ set in Amsterdam’s beloved Vondelpark to celebrate and give a spotlight to upcoming DJ-talents from around the world and to be enjoyed on R/HOOD’s online channels. This exciting event ended up becoming a celebration of community, sustainability, and the infectious energy of Amsterdam’s DJ scene.

Cruising for the Culture

The R/HOOD activation wasn’t just about showcasing a cool TENWAYS e-bike decked out with DJ gear from NUMARK, but the first of many expected DJ sets to happen in the Dutch capital. The essence of the DJ-sets is and will be to bring the Amsterdam community together for a unique experience that fused eco-conscious transportation with the vibrant world of DJing. If you happened to be in Amsterdam’s Vondelpark, you were serenaded by JADE SOUL, a brilliant DJ creating a lot of noise in Amsterdam’s nightlife, known for her blend of soul, funk, disco, and hip-hop/trap. This event served as a testament to R/HOOD’s dedication to fostering a thriving DJ community, not just in Amsterdam, but around the world.

Building Global Beats with Local Roots

R/HOOD transcends mere platform status; it stands as a dynamic movement empowering DJs worldwide. Renowned for their unwavering dedication to nurturing and uniting local creative communities across diverse cities, R/HOOD’s recent event in Amsterdam epitomised this ethos – offering a unique opportunity for connection, celebration, and the exploration of emerging talent.

This first pop-up DJ set also served as a warm-up for R/HOOD’s major event on April 12th. Those who were lucky to bump into the Vondelpark activation are eagerly awaiting a night filled with good vibes from a lineup featuring international talent like SOUTHEAST HAYES, JILL ANN, PANTONEPAPI, LOAI, and JADE SOUL. The night will culminate in a headlining set by DAVE NUNES, the Dutch DJ that has been making moves as a producer and DJ internationally lately.