Louis Vuitton conceived PURE V, a superbly elegant high jewellery collection, whose structure adds a contemporary twist to the distinctive V signature for Vuitton. This outstanding stylistic exercise is written on skin in white gold, diamond and onyx letters.

Already reinterpreted in 2014, in the Acte V high jewellery collection, the iconic Louis Vuitton V signature now lends its graphic design to PURE V, a set of 8 utterly precious models. “For this high jewellery collection, I wanted to express the essence of the V”, con des Francesca Am theatrof, Artistic Director for Watches and Jewellery at Louis Vuitton. “I wanted to update it, make it more contemporary. A great source of inspiration was the minimalist Art Deco- inspired V signature that Gaston-Louis Vuitton placed on his luggage in the 1920s-1930s”.

In keeping with the House’s creative streak, Francesca Am theatrof drew the famous initial in an instantly recognisable style. This bold, majestic V signature enhances the architectural silhouette of the models with a play on upstrokes and downstrokes. “In PURE V, the glimpses of skin revealed when you wear the piece are as important as the jewel itself”, remarks the Artistic Director.

“I wanted this minimalistic adaptation to be at once chic, cutting-edge and easy to wear. Because nowadays women look for versatile high jewellery pieces that can be worn with both a black turtle-neck and a tuxedo jacket”.

Another iconic element of this collection is its balance. PURE V is composed of eight jewels equally divided up among necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings, whose guiding principle are the same colours and materials: gold and diamond white, onyx black. The most renowned of precious stones appears in all its glory on
a white gold necklace entirely set with brilliants, whose central V features a 2-carat pear-shaped diamond. The bicolour version of the collection is composed of an irresistible Art Deco-inspired choker cadenced by onyx lines while the famous central V pattern is adorned with a triangular diamond.

While the rings and bracelets evoke the black and white pieces of the French Années folles, by alternating a line of baguette diamonds with a line of onyx and triangular diamonds, their ultra-streamlined design, which relies on perfect proportions, is pure 21st century.

Just like the earrings, whose monochromatic diamond circles, at times enlivened by an onyx V, show contemporary chic as they sparkle all the way to the back of the earlobe. With PURE V, Louis Vuitton literally offers unrivalled radiance, spreading at the speed of light.