Puppets and Puppets founder and creative director Carly Mark often finds herself drawing inspiration from film. Her FallWinter 2023 collection was inspired by director David Cronenberg’s Dead Ringers; a film that follows twin doctors,played by Jeremy Irons, and their descent towards madness. Mark explored the intersection between the masculine andfeminine. Tailored wool suiting accompanied sequined shift dresses and satin pants. Flocked florals, snakeskin, and fauxfur all found their way onto the runway. The Puppets bag evolved this season as well—donning roses in various colors,butterflies, and orchids. A new hobo bag was introduced with banana and telephone handles that can sit on any wearersshoulder comfortably.

Artist Quori Theodor created food sculptures for the runway which included oversized chocolate chip cookies, stacks ofuneaten sandwiches, dirty dishes, and cake—further emphasizing the sculptural element of the accessories, as well as the psychological landscape of the film.

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