Pride isn’t just month, it’s year-round celebration.

For Pride 2020, Calvin Klein will have an ‘always on’ approach. As brands continue to saturate Pride, we aim to break throughthe rainbow clutterwith an authenticcampaign that engages, inspires and supports conversion through a multi-channelprogram. They are excited to launch #PROUDINMYCALVINS together with an authentic, personal and motivating year-round storytelling. #PROUDINMYCALVINS

CALVIN KLEIN is excited to closely collaborate with the LGBTQIA+ community highlighting individuals who are writing their own story and reshaping the industry in their own right.

CALVIN KLEIN’s latest campaign #PROUDINMYCALVINS, is a celebration of self-love and identities across the gender spectrum. It encourages unfiltered self-expression and embracing each person’s interests, quirks, passions, personalities, flaws, beauty, sexuality, gender, and pride.

The campaign features many cool  talents: Pablo Vittar, Chella Man, Mary V, Reece King, Jari Jones, Gia Woods, Tommy Dorfman, Mina Gerges, Ama Elsesser.

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Calvin Klein, Inc. partners with a consortium of LGBTQ+ organizations around the world both in celebration of its Pride collection, and in an ongoing capacity.”