Prototypes is a Zurich-based label that focuses on upcycling as a new way of making clothes.  

Instead of producing new clothes, the duo of designers, Laura Beham and Callum Pidgeon, decided to take an approach that focuses on recycling and reuse. The brand promotes a sustainable and respectful attitude towards fashion, celebrating Antoine Lavoisier’s famous quote “Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed”.

By using dead-stocks, Prototypes seeks to be a trendsetter in its field by offering a committed and unique approach, but above all by trying to change the mindset and culture of this polluting and not so ethical industry. 

However, the brand is not only a leader in the art of upcycling, and the designers are so dedicated to their mission that they are offering some guidance, literally. They are indeed selling on their website a starter-pack with manual and sewing patterns to encourage everyone to practice upcycling. A pedagogic approach, which goes in line with their values and missions. 

Their latest collection, entitled Serie04, draws inspiration in the everyday garments, by twisting them with a unique expression. You can indeed identify police uniforms, wrestling suits or even teddy bear straps in this colorful collection. A perfect juxtaposition of shapes and materials, creating unique, structured and stunningly modern silhouettes.