One of the most sought-after tracks of the summer, Dyzen & Sideral’s main weapon, ‘Dialogue,’ is now available after being rinsed by Mind Against at festivals the world. 

Combining high-energy techno melodies with classic trance stabs, Dyzen & Sideral, the rising stars, bring an electrifying atmosphere to the dancefloor. This unprecedented musical fusion propels them towards stardom in the electronic scene.

The EP goes beyond ‘Dialogue’ and is further enriched by the inclusion of ‘Radiant,’ a hypnotic track that solidifies Dyzen’s position as a new big name of Habitat, Mind Against’s new label.

With ‘Radiant’ completing the EP, Dyzen unquestionably establishes himself as a prominent figure within the Habitat label. Veteran producer Recondite has masterfully softened the original, making it seamlessly transition from the festival stage to the club, all while retaining its inherent energy.