Since his first collection of 2020 Vincent Pressiat has recurring themes that represent his vision of fashion in the context of today’s chaotic world. Themes he revisits, that have defined his brand, and defined his generation.

The Pressiat FW24 collection is a commentary on the absurdity of the world. ECHO highlights the speed at which everything moves. The wheels are turning faster and faster gathering speed towards an apocalyptic implosion. He questions how we can combat futility, can we come back from the point of no return? Ultimately in the madness he believes in an echo of hope and has created a wardrobe for warriors who will defy the senselessness of it all and combat the intensity.

His clothing has always been designed to act as dual armor and protection. He advocates for timelessness. Creating a collection wholly from dead stock, executing small steps towards a fully circular fashion model. In ECHO we find his signature gender neutral elongated silhouette, impeccable tailoring and soft cocooning shapes and multiple use of lingerie corsetry techniques. The color palette is shades of black, white and dove grey. Textiles include wool, lycra, vinyl, jersey, leather, shredded sequins and silk.

An attitude of determination transpires through the couture creations. Several faux Mongolian fur jackets with structured shoulders jutting skyward framing the face, constructed using corsetiere collar boning. The strong shapes are paired with diaphanous long skirts in sequined devoré velvet with either train or slit. The wheels of time translate into a black gown made entirely from used tires, an analogy for the race against time.

The Cadillac car, dear to Pressiat since his grandmother gifted him a white collector toy version when he was 5, is the emblem of the show. It appears as a phantom-like hologram floating above the snow-covered set. A collaboration with Cadillac for this event seemed an obvious choice.

For shorter silhouettes, a faux fur mini dress with snowflake impression, micro miniskirts and kilt in leather or wool. Chic secretary styles with revealing slits. A Translucent white backless robe “Eventail” with accordion pleats hugging the face. Styles for pants are in the lingerie spirit, featuring modifiable Garter Belt and corset lacing back and front. The looks are accessorized with glasses by Thierry Lasry and shoes by Maison Ernest.