A king goes to a famous rishi in the forest. “Tell me, what is the nature of the self?” he asks. The old man looks at him and doesn’t answer. The king repeats the question. The rishidoesn’t answer. The king asks again, but the rishi remains silent. The king gets angry and shouts: “I ask and you don’t answer!” “I answered you three times, but you’re not listening,” the rishi says calmly. “The nature of the self is silence.” Tiziano Terzani

The silence that animates and inspires the new Lardini SS21 collection is the silence of nature: the feelings of peace, strength and intensity conveyed by a bamboo forestthrough which the sun barely lters, the purity of owing water and the light, intense colours of the owers and birds depicted in oriental art.

The colours are captured and expressed throughout the collection, which mainly features neutral tones accompanied by shades of pink, red and yellow typical ofowers, leaves and feathers, mainly used for knitwear, shirts and accessories.

This season’s new garments, which embrace the theme of sustainability, include aduster with a twill weave and an unlined glen plaid jacket, both made of certi ed eco-friendly “Rexclusive” fabric obtained through mechanical recovery of plastic bottles,100% made in Italy.

They are accompanied by special garments with exclusive characteristics, such as the Solaro suit made of tencel, linen and cotton, woven in reverse on the trousers and with a straight thread on the jacket, a technique that makes it possible to obtain a completely unique effect; the unlined, unconstructed jacket with peak lapels and a regimental pattern on a satin base weave, which can be created on both sides of the same fabric; the printed blazer with bonded fabric features a drapery effect on theoutside and illustrations depicting sartorial patterns on the inside.

The new “Club Lardini” range, which this season replaces the Sartoria line, is based on bold colour contrasts that emphasize the strong character that distinguishes thecollections season after season. The main patterns used include silk and cashmere houndstooth, pinstripes and glen plaid.

The collection is enhanced by special garments such as the safari jacket made ofstretch cotton hand-printed – using a paper-to-fabric transfer technique – with a two-tone marbled design, an aviator jacket in aged velour-effect suede with nappa

leather piping in the same colour, and a reversible blue wool jersey trench coat withan inner tone-on-tone cashmere and silk wool check pattern.

A relaxed t-shirt sweater with a bowling collar has joined the knitwear, featuring openwork stitch details and front pockets that make this garment truly unique. Lardini’s knitted jacket remains a must-have, available not only in classic cotton and linen, but also in stitch patterns and designs that embellish the garment.

The essential “Luxor” trousers are made of high-quality, natural bres, such as rustic ne wool canvas or various types of cotton and stretch linen with “old shades”that produce a vintage effect; the Oslo model, wide at the bottom and uniquely comfortable, now in its second season, embraces a palette inspired by earth colours, such as tobacco, or by exotic animals, as in the burnt pink, turquoise and carmineversions.

“In Nature everything speaks, despite its apparent silence.” Hazrat Inayat Khan.

These words, borrowed from the Indian author, were a great inspiration in the choice of exclusive prints, illustrations that recall nature and the animal world, which areclearly visible in four versions on the T-shirts, on the half-sleeve shirt with a bowling collar made of l coupé cotton poplin with a dragon y design, and on the linen version with a bamboo pattern.

The new Denim project items, especially with strong washes with worn effects andvintage-effect “Colony” dyes, are used for several models: the double-breasted jacket with a crumpled look, the cargo trousers and the 4-pocket jacket with metal buttons, all with an inner dragon y print.

The collection is completed by accessories that characterise the Total Look range: suede shoes in soft colours with contrasting tassels; fabric, suede or leather sneakers with the Lardini logo; sophisticated linen jacquard ties and pure silk scarfs and pocketsquares.


Photography by FILIP KOLUDROVIC 
Hair and make-up by WOUT PHILIPPO using Madára Cosmetics en Redken