Maccapani is not another fashion brand.

It is a project of emancipation from seasons and trends. It is a modular wardrobe made of pieces to be worn from morning to night, devoted to facilitate women’s everyday lives. It is inspired by women who can’t be placed in a box, have no qualms or taboos, and claim their own space by choosing to dress freely and comfortably.

Maccapani is made to measure to facilitate physicality, activity, agility, and vitality. It liberates the body from restrictions, constraints, judgments, and prejudice through stretch fabrics, colors, and prints that adhere to the skin like tattoos. Tops, shorts, panties, long glove-like sleeves, skirts, and asymmetrical and bandage-like dresses, take center stage. At the same time, flounced hems, inlays of lace and pattern, and plays of transparencies coexist with the broader, flowing lines of trousers, blouses, and zippered oversize hoodies.

Maccapani is a mindful project that cares about the environment, circularity, and recycling. It uses versatile, soft, and permutable yarns and materials and focuses on the comfort of cuts and shapes that accompany the movement of the body. A tight collection of dynamic, nonchalant essentials that are easy to transform, accessorize and personalize even on the same day.

Maccapani is a way of dressing that self-attributes identity. It is a model of uniqueness that transcends rules, codes, and canons — a dedication to the ongoing evolution of genres and customs. A way of thinking and a feeling to be worn, displayed on the streets, and declared to the world with strength and lightness.

Maccapani trespasses, exhibits, and contaminates… like a touch of lilac that unexpectedly transfigures the grayness and predictability of everyday life.

published by Nadia ten Hove