Presenting Beach Blade: born out of love for beach tennis

A father and daughter company, born out of their shared love for beach tennis

Beach Blade is an Amsterdam based company – founded by the father-daughter duo: Martin and Jeff Bogaers – specialized in handmade custom beach rackets. 

While on their annual holidays together, they witnessed tourists purchasing beach tennis rackets, expensive in price, cheap in quality and in most cases thrown away after the duration of their holiday, creating unnecessary waste. Jeff challenged her father to use his experience and skill-set to solve this problem. Martin has spent the better part of twenty years working as an architect, interior and furniture designer. Fueled by their desire and passion to change this recurring cycle, both father and daughter retired to their workshop back home and started designing handmade sustainable high-quality rackets.

Beach Blade rackets consist of five different recyclable components that offer an array of options for personal customization including the option to add your name or company logo. Each racket is personally assembled by Martin to offer affordable individual beach tennis rackets that ensure the highest quality and experience while you have fun in the sun.

We celebrated the launch of Beach Blade together a few weeks ago with a sporty and fun event in Amsterdam.

Prices start at €75,-

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