Words by Asia Lanzi @asia.lanzi

PRE-RESERVED, a photo studio in Amsterdam, stands for making the impossible possible through imagination and co-creation, doing projects online and offline with friends, family and brands. This approach to envisioning ideas limitless is further expressed in their latest project in collaboration with Parisian company PABLO T-SHIRT FACTORY (PTSF) & Dutch architect Toon Rooijmans. 

The vision was to create a garment printed on the inside of old vintage T-Shirts. The artwork on the back side showcases one of studios and was created by the studio’s good friend Toon Roojmans, with whom PRE-RESERVED has previously worked together. 

Essentially, the message behind the project is to encourage creatives to work together collaboratively, and learn from each other’s experiences and expertise along the way. Anyone can start a project, it’s all about enjoying the creative process. 

Similar to PRE-RESERVED, the ultimate mission of PTSF is to make the impossible possible, connect creatives and support them in bringing ideas to life. 

All garments are vintage tees sourced by PTSF and screen-printed at their factory in Paris. 

T-Shirts will be available for purchase on September 17 at the BBQ launch party, which will be hosted at the PRE-RESERVED studio in Amsterdam. Each T-shirt costs 50,-

PRE-RESERVED is situated in an old ship dock in Amsterdam-Noord where we rent out two studios for photoshoots, video productions and events. Besides renting out our space we primarily work on “Creative Thinking” for businesses and creatives alike. Working on a variety of projects. Connecting the right dots for the best outcome. Using our broad network in different sectors.