During Milan Men’s Fashion Week this summer, Prada showcased its Spring/Summer 2025 menswear collection by Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons. The collection is proclaimed to be an addition to the discourse about contemporary ideas of truth and pretence, the real and unreal. By offering the space to question he actuality of what we perceive, to reconsider, to look at things closer. This collection essentially emobodies the notion of the power of reality, in a world of the imaginary.

Closeness embodies emotion — the human desire for proximity, to share space, and connect deeply. Being closer alters our perception. From a distance, objects might appear different; details can seem simplistic or naïve. Yet, up close, physically, perceptions transform. Clothes with wired details bring collars and hems to life, animating them with an almost unreal lifelike dynamism. Purposefully creased, patinated, and aged, clothes carry traces of time — imperfections that signify life and reality. Wearing pieces borrowed from a father or mother sit differently on the body. Exaggerated proportions, whether deliberately long or cropped, are combined instinctively — a superhero sweater finding new life in a different context. Bernard Buffet paintings are reimagined, printed like concert t-shirts. Items from diverse origins are juxtaposed in unexpected contrasts, yet arranged with thoughtful, deliberate spontaneity.

To present the youthful energy and spirit of freedom of this collection, a fairytale ravescape was constructed within the Deposito of the Fondazione Prada. A hut, the simplest structure, stands nearby as a totem of the essential, the necessary, the real. It is in this environment where the imaginary can propose a new reality.