Vivid yet evocative. Elevated yet personable. Les Infusions de Prada is a signature fragrance collection that embodies the perpetual exploration and reinvention at the heart of Prada. 

Conceived by master perfumer Daniela Andrier under the creative direction of Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons, the sophisticated unisex fragrances are realised in a palette of iconic ingredients, each exalted into its own expression. In pure and refined hues that speak directly to the ingredient characters they embody, the fragrances are contained in a bottle that is quintessentially Prada: radical elegance juxtaposed with avant-garde craftsmanship to offer a fresh yet luxurious indulgence tempered with eccentricity.

Les Infusions de Prada are universal tools of self expression, fusing and unfurling to create an extrapolated personal signature based on any personality they settle upon.

At the heart of each Infusion is the unique essence of “Esprit D’Infusion” composed of musk and citrus to enhance and recreate the inherent scent of the skin. This signature process fuses the genuine character of iconic ingredients with the person wearing it, providing a second-skin sensation that is truly “In Fusion With The Many Facets of You” to express the personality traits that each individual wants to bring to light.

The latest addition to the collection, Infusion de Figue Eau de Parfum encapsulates the vibrant personality of the fig in a woody green fragrance. The vibrant fig accord is immersed in a signature solution of musks and citrus that recreates the enveloping scent of skin, allowing the personality of the ingredient to fuse with you. Les Infusions are second-skin fragrances that suit you right away and instantly feel like you. The luxurious bottle of Infusion de Figue is highlighted in a purple-tinted hue, evoking the fusion of the signature ingredient in the fragrance. The vivid purple cap in iconic Saffiano symbolizes the fig and the vibrancy of the fragrance.

A campaign directed by Norwegian-born, London-based fashion photographer and filmmaker, Sølve Sundsbø, visualizes the messaging of Les Infusions de Prada afresh. Respected for his stylistic agility, otherworldly concepts and mastery of innovation, Sundsbø captures the fragrances through the lens of sensuality, modernity and the fusion of human and technology.