To elevate, to glorify, to gild – the Prada December Issue 2022 for men and women proposes a wardrobe that combines occasion and casual, evening and day, unified and elevated through shimmering tones of gold. It is a symbol of universal preciousness, a valorization of every moment.

A palette drawn from fine jewelry, the luster of gold and platinum characterizes the collection – garments and accessories are gold-dipped, like cherished and prized possessions, immortalized. Gilding translates to radiant liquid metallic lurex knits, sheer and opaque, and the facets of glistening metal-plate mesh, using Prada’s iconic triangle, as if fusing garment with bijou. The ethos of preciousness expands to sparkling applications, crystal gleaming like a second skin.

Luxurious materials that evoke evening combine with the relaxed, the athletic and casual. Intimate clothing for a private sphere is co-mingled with those designated for celebration; the ease of a sweater is transmuted into an evening gown, to a sartorial tailored suit. The monochrome rigor and elegance of the tailleur Smoking inspires a restrained palette – slender black dresses delineate the body with archetypal elegance, inlaid with lace.

Menswear translates the details of the Smoking to Kid Mohair tailoring, fused with silhouettes drawn from workwear. The cardigan is proposed as a new classic, replacing jackets or worn with formal suiting to relax. Popeline is embellished with all-over crystal, as if woven into the fabric. As decoration becomes a new form of construction, so the structure of garments form ornament – pressed silk separates are detailed with contrast stitching, highlighting a purity of line. Archetypal and absolute elegance is evoked through ensembles in beige linen-cotton and silk-linen knitwear.

Accessories repurpose timeless Prada silhouettes reiterated in gold and precious metal tones. Prada Thunder sneakers are sprayed with metallic hues, lenses of sunglasses gilded. A selection of Prada handbags, spanning 1990s to today, are reinterpreted in pure gold in a jewel-box of finishes, materiality and embellishment. The Cleo, Prada Re-Edition 1995, the Galleria and the Panier are proposed, alongside the 2022 Triangle clutch, in crystal, embossed metallic leathers, signature saffiano and spazzolato, all gold.

A dialogue between day and evening, reality and fantasy, this collection embraces the occasion of the everyday – a celebration of life that is fundamentally Prada.