“To elevate, to glorify, to gild…”

The Prada December Issue 2022 for men and women proposes a wardrobe that combines occasion and casual, evening and day, unified and elevated through shimmering tones of gold. The collection allows the ease of the relaxed and casual to metamorphose into the bash of the evening.

Prada Thunder sneakers are sprayed with metallic hues, lenses of sunglasses gilded, garments and accessories gold-dipped, metallic lurex knits, Prada’s iconic triangle facets of glistening metal-plate forming mesh skirts and dresses — pronounced gold prominence assures the collection was designed to dazzle. 

A selection of Prada handbags, spanning 1990s to today, are reinterpreted in pure gold in a jewel-box of finishes, materiality and embellishment. The Cleo, Prada Re-Edition 1995, the Galleria and the Panier are presented, alongside the 2022 Triangle clutch, in crystal, embossed metallic leathers, signature saffiano and spazzolato, all gold. Ritzy grandeur from top to toe, the ethos of preciousness expands to sparkling applications, crystal gleaming like a second skin with the luster of gold and platinum at the heart of the concept. 

Menswear translates the details of the Smoking to Kid Mohair tailoring, fused with silhouettes drawn from workwear. The cardigan is proposed as a new classic, slender black dresses delineate the body with archetypal elegance, inlaid with lace, popeline is embellished with all-over crystal, as if woven into the fabric. Modern yet classic, decoration becomes a new form of construction, considering all style sensibilities.

Counting down to the year-end festivities and celebrations the Prada December 2022 Issue offers a range of garments that fit the part. Elegance, preciousness, finery, rigor, day and evening, reality and fantasy, eternally Prada. 

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words by MARIA MOTA