Together with Brøgger, the up-and-coming London-based label helmed by the Danish designer Julie Brøgger, this season’s & Other Stories co-lab collection is a triumph of prints and colours that artfully balances feminine and masculine references. Inspired by the designer’s late mother, an attorney in the 1980s and 90s with a penchant for both soft, silky fabrics and power suits, the ready-to-wear pieces can fearlessly take you from day into night and beyond.

We had a chance to speak with Julie about the collaboration.

How are you staying creative during these strange times?

In the lack of outside influences, I have spent this time looking at more personal inspirations, like my mother’s wardrobe, that inspired the collection with & Other Stories. I’ve really missed all the London museums, thankfully they are reopening this week. Can’t wait to go back and get a bit of that creative fix it always gives me.

What is the collection inspired by and what is the story behind the collection? 

My late mother was an attorney in the 80s and 90s and loved a good power suit for court, she would however always champion the feminine, believing it to be a great strength. Something to be celebrated, not dressed down. 

How was it like collaborating with each other?

& Other Stories has a great team, and I think our mutual Scandinavian background means we have a similar approach to fashion. Wearability and function is important but so is creating pieces that are worth investing in, and stand out from the crowd.

Can you describe a modern woman in your own words?

She uses fashion as a sense of empowerment and dresses for herself and how it makes her feel, not the gaze of men.

Why have you chosen for this specific colour palette?

The prints have pretty pink shades but are balanced with darkness, I like to counterpart ‘pretty’, pretty in itself is not that interesting I think. Contrasting them makes both look better, like the soft blush with strong red in a suit.

Which specific target group would you like to reach with this collection?

The Brøgger customer is a bit different to the & Other Stories’, and their reach is much greater, so it is a unique opportunity to introduce Brøgger to women, who might not know us. The collection is designed for women who want to stand out and feel empowered with their choice of clothes, across ages and type.

Will the collection be dropped multiple times and are you planning on collaborating a second time?

It is all dropping in December, ready for the holiday season. I would love to do a summer collection with & Other Stories as well, time will tell.