Pinko Unleashes its Edgy F/W23 Collection

The inspiration is a metropolitan party at the Pinko court.
A party where nothing is taken for granted and anything can happen.
The music is loud, a punk rhythm invades the garden.
Studs, falling from leather jackets decorate garments, outerwear, shoes and bags. The rhythm is rock, like Pinko’s most authentic spirit.
The jackets feature a sartorial allure inspired by military uniforms. They show strong shoulders and a tight waist. They sport cuts designed to enhance the body, while gold metal buttons add an irresistible touch.
Everything merges and gets confused… Nothing is the same anymore.

Like the romantic ruffles that become micro, contemporary and urban. They emphasize the necklines and cuts of the new dresses. These are super mini, made of eco-leather, fluid jersey and matte cady.
But the attractions are many more.
New graphics appear in the collection. The knitwear, which shows cut-outs and anatomical shapes, offers an explosion of sensuality and femininity.
The body is the protagonist, with all its freedom.
You have to be aware that thousands of people grow in the garden: they are all unique in their nuances and species. They actually inspire the colors of the collection.
Black, white, orange, burgundy, cyclamen and teal roses shine in contrast to Pinko pink, while new natural shades perfectly reflect the contemporary appeal of the collection.

Let’s start with the trench coats, divine in the new lengths, are made of eco-leather or are available in glossy crocodile prints. They have strong shoulders, enhanced when worn belted at the waist, while they show a more relaxed attitude when kept open.
Eco furs are processed in unconventional shades, or in warm and cozy colors for your winters.
And the new shirts? They have sensual necklines and show hyper-feminine cuts.
The lines of the clothes seem designed to really emphasize the beauty of the wearer: anatomical cuts, or high-waisted silhouettes, define a new empire style 2023.
The pants are low-waisted, with elongated silhouettes, as well as flared cuts and front slits.

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