PINKO unveils another innovative project that marks the brand’s entry into the Metaverse dimension. In fact, the brand launches its first collection of NFTs that celebrate the iconic world of Love Bags. The “MetaLoveBag” collection includes a selection of meta-physical versions of PINKO bags, interpreted with an artististic and creative vision.

By renewing the commitment to innovation, in the era in which physical and digital have broken down their boundaries, PINKO promotes its values ​​through the Web3: a collective evolution in experiences between brands, creators and consumers.

To demonstrate the fusion between the digital and physical world, from November 7 PINKO releases the NFT collection thanks to an immersive experience in the Spring Street flagship stores in New York and Milan Montenapoleone. Special monitors will give consumers the opportunity to perceive the beauty of 3D artworks as if they were real. The purchase procedure will take place using the smartphone through a guided tour.

The Love Bag is the icon of the brand; at the same time a bag in its etymology is a “case”. The MetaLoveBag expands the use of this accessory also in the digital world and therefore its content opens up to a more metaphysical dimension. The objects are thus repeated and distributed forming the iconic shape of the Love Bag, metaphorically held together by the symbol of the two swallows. The constituent elements derive from an irreverent and transgressive selection of Pop culture, which emphasizes the typical PINKO identity.

“This is the first collection that our customers can buy, a taste of the PINKO metaverse” declares CEO and Founder Pietro Negra “following a period of great hype we are witnessing a very turbulent market situation for digital assets and cryptocurrencies. We see a future where NFTs can be a real element to symbolize the sense of belonging to the brand. “ Three out of twelve unique pieces were unveiled at the Vivatech fair in Paris, but none of these have ever been sold to the public. “By purchasing one of the iconic MetaLoveBags belonging to this first collection, a selection of very special customers will have the opportunity to be among the founders of the future PINKO community and will be able to co-create future experiences in the metaverse with the brand” concludes Negra.

The benefits of the purchase include early access to the brand’s future NFT drops, the exclusive role of VIC (Very Important Customer) in the PINKO community to be launched in 2023 and special participation in sales or private events.

As part of PINKO’s mission to develop unique garments and accessories with the aim of inspiring women to play bold, PINKO wants to bring its creativity to the virtual landscape by introducing and immersing its supporters in the next generation of brand experiences through the web3 and the metaverse.