Prior to the highly anticipated presentation of Pharrell’s first Louis Vuitton collection, Pharrell Williams, in collaboration with Joopiter Auction House, will open the spectacular “Just Phriends” exhibition. This unique event, curated by Pharrell in partnership with Sarah Andelman, founder of the renowned Colette in Paris, will take place during Paris Fashion Week.

As the title suggests, Pharrell and Sarah bring their friends together through “Just Phriends” for a large-scale group exhibition. The carefully curated selection of 50 artworks includes works by renowned artists such as Murakami, Kaws, Daniel Arsham, Invader, and Dutch Parisian Pieter Ceizer. Especially for this exhibition, Ceizer has created a painting called “Rise.” The wooden artwork in the shape of a hand with the Vulcan salute, known from the iconic series Star Trek, is a modern interpretation of handprints as the origin of art. Additionally, Pharrell Williams is frequently seen making the Vulcan salute in photos. The hand is outlined by a dark purple line flowing from the written word “Rise,” while the background is painted in a soft gradient of colors from orange, pastel yellow to soft purple, symbolizing a sunrise.

“Pharrell’s journey from a skater kid and marching band member to a world-famous pop superstar and creative director of Louis Vuitton Menswear is gloriously celebrated in my artwork ‘Rise’,” explains Pieter Ceizer. He adds, “Pharrell is a true icon and a source of inspiration for our generation. In addition to his continuously innovative creative work, he constantly broadens his horizons. He shows us creatives how to grow, evolve, build bridges, and raise the bar. For me, this artwork symbolizes the growth and evolution of all skate kids who were once 14 and are now in their forties or fifties but still retain a youthful energy and creativity.”

If you are in Paris during fashion week, make sure to visit the “Just Phriends” exhibition at 8 Avenue Matignon, 75008, Paris to admire the impressive artwork “Rise” by Pieter Ceizer and other selected works. The exhibition will take place from June 20th to 24th at 2BIS AVENUE MATIGNON 75008 PARIS. Additionally, you can participate in the online auction from June 19th to 27th at