The iconic Piaget Polo reaches unprecedented heights in 2023 with the new Piaget Polo Perpetual Calendar Ultra-thin powered by the 1255P calibre. This stunning new models showcase one of watchmaking’s most emblematic complications, evocatively complemented by a moonphase display.

Ornamental stones are a Piaget signature, celebrated for their vivid, intense hues and natural sense of mystery and strength. The dial of the new Piaget Polo Perpetual Calendar Obsidian emanates this very emotion and intrigue: its silver obsidian dial has an inherent iridescence thanks to inclusions that formed when drops of mineral-rich sulfide liquid became trapped in the rock as it solidified. Left in the hands of Mother Nature, such inclusions are very rare, and no two stones are alike.

Piaget has paired this exceptional obsidian with a perpetual calendar, one of watchmaking’s most historic and emblematic complications, which adds a bold and technical, androgynous feel to the sensual design.Piaget’s love of coloured stones also shines through in a bezel of deep blue sapphires, set in dark claws to further enhance the dial’s magic and individuality.

Humankind’s longstanding fascination with the universe meant that the development of time measurement called on natural references relating to the movement. The iconic Piaget Polo collection now welcomes for the first time a mechanical perpetual calendar – an emblematic complication in which Piaget has developed considerable expertise already deployed in some of its other watch lines. Designed to advance the day, date, and year correctly until the year 2100 – taking into account any leap years, 28 days in February as well as the difference between 30 and 31-day months while typically also indicating the year, moon phases and leap-year cycle – perpetual calendar watches naturally appeal to a demanding and discerning audience, people in the know who appreciate the sum of haute horlogerie savoir faire embodied in such models.

The quintessential encounter between haute horlogerie and everyday wearability, the Piaget Polo slips seamlessly from day to night, public to private. Always fitting, never blending, it offers a contemporary narrative for the boldest, most versatile identities. The new Piaget Polo continues to epitomise the joyful mix of everyday wearability, sophistication and extravagance that has forged its renown. For Piaget, style is a gift. A seventh sense. Something that cannot be learnt or bought. Whatever the place, whatever the moment, while remaining true to its effortless distinction, Piaget Polo is an invitation to liberate one’s versatility and self-expression, igniting a unique ability to fit in yet stand out.