The selection shows a group of stills, mostly coming from his book I,XXX; Through a Lens of Love. Amsterdam, my Inspiration.

The book celebrates the quintessential energy Amsterdam is known for. A feeling of freedom, excitement and pleasure.

The overall selection displays images of day to day objects as well as real XXX objects, portrayed in a sensual way, solely photographed as aesthetic shapes and sculptures. Inviting the viewer to look at them from a fresh perspective. 

When Vogelenzang gifted Alberto Cortes, founder of Ksar Living (Ibiza) his book, Cortes instantly said he would love to present this at his showroom when the perfect moment would arise.

‘Even though the inspiration of these works came from a different city, imagining these works on the Island made a lot of sense to me. The Ibiza Island energy resonates many of the same feelings I have thinking about Amsterdam’, Philippe says.