Hester Schaberg, founder of Philo Supplements: “The immune system is a hot topic again now that the days are shorter, and the cold is approaching. Many people wonder how they can protect themselves against getting sick and how they can continue to feel good during the winter. To find a good answer to this and to be able to do this, I will first briefly explain below what the immune system works.”

Our immune system is made of various cells, proteins, processes, and chemicals that continuously protect our body against infections by external pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other toxins [1] [2]).

Our innate immune system recognizes the pathogens and sends a certain type of white blood cell (phagocyte) to kill the invader. When you have been exposed several times to different pathogens, your body also has an “acquired” immune system that produces antibodies to protect your body preventively and more quickly. These antibodies remain in our body and protect us from future infections. There are supplements that have been proven to support the immune system in a number of different ways:

Philo Immunity combines a number of these powerful nutrients this way it supports the immune system in multiple ways. Philo Detox supports the liver, which can help eliminate toxins and pathogens. If you combine taking these supplements with a healthy diet (lots of fruits and vegetables), sufficient exercise, enough sleep, enough daylight, and as little stress as possible, you can get through the winter in an energetic and pleasant way!

+ With nutrients that can increase the number of white blood cells circulating in your system

+ With nutrients that can support or increase the functioning of white blood cells

+ With nutrients that can inhibit viral replication

+ With nutrients that can regulate the immune system

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