The Petit Joli collection is designed for women who are always looking for the ideal balance: Sophisticated yet natural, Determined yet spontaneous, Dramatic yet serene, Dreamers yet down-to-earth.

This collection embodies the everlasting connection between nature and women. Flowers that take on the colours of the sky, space and earth – colours with a bold yet delicate personality. Lunar blue, the colour of the sky, is created by lapis lazuli and white agate; Lunar white is created by the warmth of the white agate, representing the moon and its embodiment of light, space and air; Pink chalcedony recounts the love that unites the land and the sky; Onyx represents the land and strength, the very intensity of being. Green is a new colour this year, in the form of green agate. This charismatic stone embodies the absolute energy of nature, her incredible force, which is a combination of power and protection. One exceptional aspect of the Pasquale Bruni philosophy is the ability to unite different symbols (the lunar and earthly worlds) and create a universe and its authentic interpretations of the connection between nature, its elements and the moon.

In rose gold with white and champagne diamonds, the collection features: • Rings • Stud earrings • Bracelets • Necklaces (single length)

All available in the 5 stones/colours starting from March worldwide.