With the Paris Fashion Week around the corner and many events and shows sharing the time and place to be, one of the places to make sure to be is the international trade show TRANOÏ. This season it will launch its Spring/Summer 2024 edition at the TRANOÏ, Stand L2, Palais Brongniart in Paris from September 28th to October 1st, featuring a selection of cutting-edge and contemporary women’s clothing and accessories.

Among others, the Commercial Office of Peru in France (PROMPERÚ) has prepared a selection of six Peruvian designers who represent la crème de la crème of the Peruvian fashion scene. With sustainability weaved into their identities, brands: Aguaclara, Amarena, Ana G, Fringe, Kero Design, and Pampa will showcase their exclusive collections inspired by Peruvian culture and heritage. 

Crafted in collaboration with Peruvian communities from unique and local materials such as Pima cotton, alpaca or Toquilla straw, these designers attract more and more of an international audience thanks to their both high-quality and durable pieces. 

AGUACLARA @aguaclaraofficial
Aguaclara is a resort wear brand founded in 1987 by the sibling duo Liliana and Jorge Villalobos. The brand embodies modern sophistication, timeless design, and impeccable quality. Reflecting the founders’ passion for travel and culture, each piece is crafted from the finest Italian fabrics, serving as a testament to the brand’s commitment to excellence and originality. Its 2024 Collection draws inspiration from the Golden Age of the French Riviera and presents a complete resort wear range infused with the distinctive Latin-Peruvian savoir-faire of Aguaclara. This time, Aguaclara offers swimwear as a separate collection, allowing customers to mix different top and bottom silhouettes to suit various body types.

AMARENA @amarena_peru
AMARENA is a sustainable project that combines ancient traditional techniques of Peruvian artisans with carefully designed finishes. With the aim of sharing its culture with the world, AMARENA weaves natural fibers into unique and modern pieces that transcend time. Committed to fair trade and sustainable production, its mission is to support the developing economy in local areas and promote women’s empowerment through our pieces.  AMARENA 2024 is all about a sophisticated and fun world, capturing the essence of intense emotional moments with carefully designed pieces meant to be unique and timeless. 

ANA G @anagofficiel
The collection titled “Échos De la Mer” by Ana María Guiulfo is inspired by the beach and the sea. Evoking sensations and feelings such as peace, calm, relaxation, and well-being, Ana drew inspiration from Peruvian beaches like Paracas and Huanchaco. The collection’s prints and vibrant pastel colors are a visualization of these paradisiacal places full of magic and symbolism, representing the connection between nature and society in a sensual and refined way, like a “Sea of Memories” that alludes to meaningful encounters in Ana G’s life.

PAMPA @pampathebrand
Pampa is a brand with a minimalist and contemporary spirit offering a collection of high-quality everyday essentials. Following the legacy of Andean heritage, Pampa’s approach respects craftsmanship and combines it with the nobility of raw materials and design through environmentally friendly production processes that embrace the traditional, innovative, and unexpected. Using natural fibers such as Peruvian cotton and alpaca, the Spring/Summer 2024 “Nostalgia Histórica” embodies the beauty of the past in the present. It involves creating pieces that offer a fresh look to the past with the development of new stitches and a combination of techniques that adapt silhouettes to the demand of modern women.

FRINGE @fringeperu
A daring brand envisioned by Lucy Barandiaran breaks away from conventional knitted designs. Lucy incorporates the exceptional skills of Peruvian artisans and luxurious local fibers to create contemporary, fashion-forward designs for women who value sustainable fashion and quality. The Spring 2024 collection celebrates the beauty of Nature, with hand-knit pieces reflecting vibrant colors inspired by the color of flowers, plants, earth and sea. By valuing quality and timeless designed pieces, Lucy’s goal is to establish a wardrobe that transcends trends and can be cherished and worn for years to come.

KERO DESIGN @kerodesign_official
Kero’s collections draw inspiration from the infinite textures and colors of traditional Peruvian crafts and are materialized in versatile, unisex pieces with contemporary design and ethical principles at the core. The story began in the founder’s childhood Mariella Gonzales when visiting her grandfather and becoming fascinated by Keros, the ceremonial vessels of Tiahuanaco. This experience connected her with the richness of Peru: its colors, customs, and landscapes. Kero’s commitment is visible in the use of hand-dyed yarn, which can have up to 60 colors on a single spool or in working with artisanal knitting machines without electricity, knitting needles or crochet hooks, paying special attention to details and hand finishes.