Dusty Deco’s Arco Lounge Chair by Pernille Teisbaek

Pernille and Dusty Deco’s founder Edin Memic Kjellvertz originally met through a shared interest in aesthetics and sense of style. Many years ago, when Dusty Deco was still a Stockholm-based destination for people interested in selected design classics and curated contemporary art, Pernille was a regular client: “Pernille has loved and followed Dusty Deco for years,” Edin explains. “She loves the aesthetic and design, ever since she first bought a coffee table for her old home, and continuously has had several pieces in her homes.”

When the founders of Dusty Deco decided – after a decade of selling vintage design pieces – to create their own home collection, they wanted to design objects that would inspire others. The world of interiors created by Dusty Deco is defined by organic shapes and natural materials, based on a production process that ensures the highest quality. Their furniture, rugs, lights, and decorative objects have already become contemporary classics, evolved through an in-depth knowledge of interiors, fashion, architecture, and art. The fact that Edin and his family now are based in Mallorca is reflected in the relaxed, warm, and slightly Mediterranean feel that resonates in the design. The Arco Lounge Chair – its rounded shapes today synonymous with the Dusty Deco brand – was inspired by the rich and varied use of arches throughout history. This includes everything from old buildings and terraces to landmarks such as Arc de Triomph in Paris and Barcelona’s Arco de Triunfo, as well as Italian 1980s design objects. Pernille’s personal style, expressed equally well in both fashion and interiors, is defined by sleek shapes, clean lines, and a subtle color palette. H In Pernille’s interpretation – using Nubuck leather from Danish brand Sørensen Leather for the signature armrests, contrasted with Zebra print for the chair – the Arco Lounge Chair has been given an expression both forceful and soft, fashion-forward and timeless.

Of the finished product, Pernille states, “I am so happy with the result, and can’t wait for it to be placed in amazing homes.” As always, every chair is made by hand in Sweden, by O. H. Sjögren, one of the oldest and most distinguished furniture manufacturers in Sweden. All chairs are individually numbered.