Amsterdam-based streetwear brand Patta and Tommy Hilfiger are excited to announce the launch of their next collaborative collection. Using the melting pot of NYC as the backdrop, the PattaXTommy collaboration revives the spirit of 90s hip-hop and pays tribute to both brands’ streetwear heritage.

The collection is a reinterpretation of classic styles, characterized by ‘90s hip hop influence. Preppy staples have been reworked for a timeless relaxed fit while the Patta logo and the Tommy emblem are combined across T-shirts and hooded sweaters. The varsity jacket boasts additional graphics highlighting 1993 – a pivotal year in the history of hip-hop. The collection uses Tommy’s recognizable bright color palette and fuses with softer tones inspired by Patta. PattaXTommy consists of gender-inclusive styles, including two kids T-shirts that capture a modern streetwear take on New York’s 90s vibe.

The brand campaign features NYC-native artists Wiki (@wikset) and Mike (@mikelikesrap), as the leading figures to symbolize the raw resurgence of hip-hop. The duo created an original track, produced by renowned music producer The Alchemist (@alanthechemist). The limited edition 12” vinyl features various mixes including a clean, dirty and instrumental version as well as two additional tracks featuring Mike and Wiki independently.

A music video shot by director Nicholas Stafford Briggs and lifestyle photographer Quil Lemons will be released to complement the track. The video is set in NYC – the birthplace of hip-hop – and is the ultimate expression of authentic and honest visuals celebrating culture as well as its impact and influence.

The PattaXTommycollection will be available on and at Patta Chapter stores from December 2nd, and at select global retailers on December 9th. Patta and Tommy will be hosting a Pop Up on the 2nd and 3rd of December.