Growing together is a key part of what we do here at Patta. We want to build on who we were before we move forward. We are glad to join forces with our neighbors, ORDER on the next step of our relationship as we both enter the next stages in our expression. We always try to pave the way for independent crews to pursue their passion and their creative vision without compromise. Together we hope to serve as a source of inspiration where perseverance, dedication to the culture and community are essential factors.

To help manifest this progression, Patta have teamed up with ORDER and Deadly Prey Gallery and created a limited edition poster and T-Shirt. Deadly Prey Gallery recently showcased their collection of hand-painted Ghanian movie posters at the ORDER Tattoo convention and they are back again for this partnership, reinforcing the Amsterdam-Ghana connection. It is this art style that is present throughout all parts of this collaboration.

Deadly Prey Gallery is a Chicago-based traveling art gallery working with 10 artists in and around Accra, Ghana. They are dedicated to the preservation of hand-painted Ghanian movie posters. The primary focus is on providing support to the talented artists who are presently creating these remarkable paintings with 100% of the profits going to the artists. Deadly Prey Gallery was founded by Brian Chankin in Chicago, in partnership with his best friend Robert Kofi in Accra, Ghana.

ORDER are not pursuing a singular mission, but are rather on a journey towards a greater purpose, showcasing their world through their diverse backgrounds and artistic fields. Through their collective, ORDER hopes to encourage others to not restrict themselves to a singular activity or affiliation, but instead, explore and try different forms of expression that capture their curiosity. You can start out with interests in skating, hip-hop and punk music, and later become influenced by graffiti and electronic music, everything is possible.

Creating a store like no other, ORDER has redefined what it means to be a tattoo shop in Amsterdam. Dressed from head to toe in hand-painted artworks, sculptures and tattoo flashes, the new ORDER Tattoo location is the perfect addition to the neighborhood we call home. During the release of this collaboration, join us at their store for evening festivities with Taco Fett and Order Mothership putting their hands on the wheel before we enter into the late hours with a club night at another recent addition to our local v.icinity, Kanaal40.

Just a stone’s throw away from the new tattoo store, Amsterdam’s most eclectic group of selectors, Order Mothership will be joining hands with Cinnaman, 1.06 Music Libray, Sensouthica, Hady and Lil’Vic to celebrate the T-Shirt release. Enter the weekend by celebrating those that we miss with this collaboration that is very close to home for all of us.