“At Patta, we always consider collaborations that hit close to home. Best Company stands out because of its influence in elevating streetwear to luxury. This is similar to Patta’s roots in making exclusive sneakers accessible to our community that initially did not have access, transforming them into a luxury item back then.”

This collaboration goes beyond just fashion, as it represents a cultural impact. Best Company played a pioneering role in transforming sportswear into a status symbol. The Paninari subculture -todays hypebeasts- who rebelled against Milan’s traditional culinary culture, played a big part. Similarly, Patta bridges the gap between culture and fashion, bringing streetwear to the forefront. Patta x Best Company symbolizes a lifestyle where communities adopted and
personalized a particular style.

For the upcoming Patta x Best Company release, the recognizable and colorful Best Company embroidery takes center stage on the co-branded “Bus Busi” Crewneck, “Twa Twa” Hoodie and “Faya Lobi” T-shirt. All embroideries are inspired by our collective backgrounds. The Patta x Best Company Crewneck showcases the Patta Panther, while the Hoodie features a beloved Surinamese songbird, set against the backdrop of the country’s natural scenery, the T-shirt
displays three significant flowers, the Tulip, Zucchini Flower and Faya Lobi, representing the origins of both Patta and Best Company.

The embroideries for all the garments are produced by Best Company, using the same Italian factory who crafted their embroideries over four decades ago. With this capsule we stay authentic to Best Company’s roots while adding Patta flavor.

The Patta x Best Company capsule collection will be available on Friday, May 5th at 13:00 CEST on patta.nl, the Patta mobile app and in stores at Patta Amsterdam, Patta London and Patta Milano.