Patta Spring/Summer 2024 pays homage to a paradise untouched and rediscovered. This Spring/Summer season we draw inspiration from the Amazon, a cultivated garden that holds many secrets and symbolizes the power of creation.

This latest Spring/Summer installment shows the distinctive Patta aesthetic with its roots seamlessly integrated into the collection. Patta Spring/Summer 2024 champions the diverse biodiversity of home, where the tropical and untouched Amazon provides the ideal backdrop.

The Patta Spring/Summer 2024 collection embraces a laid-back fit, with a variety of Patta staples and new additions. Patta’s repeating classics receive a fresh update through the season’s color palette, while prints draw inspiration from the hidden wonders of the Amazon. Discovered artifacts, rainforest flora and fauna, imaginary Amazonian creatures, and tropical butterflies take center stage on the Spring/Summer’s T-shirts and hoodies.

Earthly tones combined with light shades and a splash of fuchsia dominate the color scheme. The Patta Spring/Summer 2024 collection features materials and fabrics new to the Patta realm, resulting in a playful yet recognizable Patta collection. A few highlights this season include the flower football jersey and short, black knitted cardigan, double layered camo long sleeve, chenille logo sweaters and the tropical butterfly embroidered hoodie.

This season the design team created an ideal Patta world that pays tribute to things we know and things we discover. Together we celebrate the power of creation and imagination.

The first drop of Patta Spring/Summer 2024 ia available on, the Patta mobile app and in the Patta chapter stores in Amsterdam, London and Milano.