Designed with the intention to include the spectrum of body shapes and supreme self-confidence within Team Patta, the Patta Femme range is a fresh take on streetwear staples. Taking design cues from timeless shapes and structures that have inclusivity in mind but with the contemporary Patta ethos as a driving force, we have provided new options to our ever-expanding family. 

Patta Femme stays open to our world of influences, championing diversity, creativity and freedom. The capsule collection has led to more innovation in sizing and fit and brought us right back home, where we find all-time classics accessible to all. As we step forward, we step forward together into a world where everyone who wants to look good wearing Patta, can. The first capsule includes classic streetwear staples such as hoodies, sweatpants, shorts, T-shirts and crop tops. With the release of the capsule collection, our path continues forward. 

The Patta Femme range will be available Friday, June 10th at 13:00 CEST on, on the mobile app as well as in-store at Patta Amsterdam, Patta London and Patta Milano.

Photoshoot Credits:

Photography: Ashley Röttjers (

Styling: Florence Lamy, Felicia Perez (

Creative Direction: Violette Esmeralda (

Producer: Josefine Ulrika Åkerblom (

Lookbook Models:

Cheniqua Mama-Sistina (

Naïmah Janse (

Rayvel Pieternella (

Lifestyle Models:

Chiara Spits (

Cosmo Luhulima (

Rachaila Isenia (

Achok Mawien (