This season Patta takes us back to its Surinamese roots, honoring the unique blend of cultures it represents. We draw inspiration from the seasonal earthly offerings, the handcrafted aesthetic and the tropical habitat. We open our spirits up to self care, manifestation and a celebration of life.This one is dedicated to the family.

The collection reflects the rich and diverse origins of our collective identity, diving into techniques like batik, shibori, crochet, woodblock stamps, lino prints, tie dye and pencil drawings. Taking design cues from classic staples, we uphold the Patta ethos as a driving force, giving the collection an aesthetic that is distinctly our own.

Spring/Summer 23 is a dedication to heritage translated into contemporary styles such as the desert flower camo two-piece, the flower crochet sleeveless cardigan, the canvas overall and premium knits. The collection includes multicolor artworks that inspire positive thinking and natural patterns of hope, love and peace.

Sometimes we need to take it back to the heritage to stay connected and at Patta we never underestimate the power of manifestation.